Why Apprenticeship Training Matters

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With the mad dash of the last decade or so to universities up and down the country, the apprenticeship has been forced to take something of a back seat, waiting for its time in the spotlight once more…

That time is upon us and the apprenticeship is once again growing in popularity as more and more youngsters opt for on the job training instead of accumulating vast debts that today come hand in hand with a university degree.

Apprenticeships typically last for 2 to 4 years and offer a day release program, with 4 days per week working within the company and one day at college, working towards a qualification.

Modern apprenticeships are all about building a skillset, backed up with recognised diploma’s, HNC’s & HND’s that will provide the springboard for career progression.

Because the apprentice is working while studying, they benefit from having an income, and don’t accrue debts in the same way that Degree students do.

There is an argument that a university degree is falling in authority and it’s becoming increasingly common for companies to assess the university where you gained the degree rather than just the degree itself.

Because of this, studying a degree can almost be considered a lottery as more and more universities fight to attract students and offer courses which in some instances aren’t fit for purpose.

If you are going to spend £9,000 or more per year of tuition fees, make sure to spend it at one of the leading universities otherwise, the value of your qualification may not get you through the door into job opportunities that you may anticipate.

Practical qualifications combined with real world experience on the other hand offer future employers a better prospect & a more valuable potential employee.