Business networking in Bedford Reaches new Heights

Networking in Bedford

If you have ever wondered how some businesses seem to thrive effortlessly while others struggle from month to month, the answer may well be in their marketing methods.

More and more Bedofrd companies are jumping on the networking bandwagon and reaching out to potential customers via networking events in the area.

Networking is the process of attending regular business breakfasts, lunches or evening seminars, attended by other business owners and managers. By building relationships with these business people, your business will raise it’s profile, generating new business as it does so.

Getting to know other local businesses is the key to your success. If you can arrange introductions for them, then they in turn will reciprocate and make introductions for you too.

In the longer term you are looking to piggyback on businesses who have a similar client base to your own. If a non competing business sells to the types of customers that you are looking for then you have a ready made client list to draw from.

There are several networking groups in Bedford, some more successful than others. One of the more profitable is The ROOM which meets weekly at Stagsden Golf Club on Tuesday mornings for an early breakfast.

The key is to build relationships, to become a trusted supplier of whatever product or service you offer. You need other businesses to be able to recommend you with 100% confidence.

If you can do that then you will thrive networking.

Not all networking events are the same. Some allow all comers, so you may well be competing with several competitors for business. This is a much harder proposition than if you have your business sector all to yourself.

In The ROOM, only one of each business type is allowed,  so any and all referrals for your service will go to you. This is one of the unique differences that makes The ROOM such a successful organisation for building your business.