Fast Track Link Building Strategy

How To Build Links Powerful Backlinks Fast

The key to ranking well in Google is still, as it always has been link building.

Links are the force that provide you with the trust, authority and shove that you need to get to the top of Google.

Since Google rebuilt their empire in 2011-2012, the requirements needed to be a top ranking website have fundamentally altered…..

You need a really top notch, high quality website with well written, well received content, presented to render on all devices quickly and efficiently, even on slower mobile connections.

Once your website is is tiptop health, you need to build its online popularity.

Popularity is another term for backlinks. A backlink is a link from another Google friendly website to a page of your site.

The more powerful, authoritative and relevant the site and link is, the more it will help your efforts to rank well.

Think of it this way. Google has a way of measuring the authority of each site within a niche and the more relevant sites link to it, the more influential it becomes… ultimately the most influential sites rank at the top.

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Link building is the process of creating links on authority sites so that you attract more traffic, however, there are a few important points to grasp about link building;

  1. Low quality links will kill your rankings
  2. Links from bad neighbourhoods will kill your rankings
  3. Over optimized link text will kill your rankings

There are several ways to incur Google’s wrath and link building from low quality, unrelated sites, or from link networks is the easiest way to ensure that you never rank well.

Over optimization normally involves using too much exact match anchor text to try to rank well.

Exact match anchor text used to work to deliver top rankings, but today, you only need one or two exact match anchors in amongst a gaggle of Brand, URL, longtail and junk text links.

While it’s important to keep your link building profile looking natural (how many people would choose the exact same text if they decided to link to you?) you do need to have some exact match anchor text links pointing to pages focused on the same keyword, but without being over optimized (repeating the keyword too much).