Real Finance in a Virtual Shopping World

Virtual Shopping, Real Finance

Shopping online these days is big, big business. The global roll out of fibre optic cables, has presented the home shopper with the world of retail at your finger-tips.

Shop for almost any item under the sun, and you will probably find it online, the biggest shopping mall on earth, right there in your home, the size of a keyboard and screen.

The dramatic growth in online shopping continues unabated, with the business now worth tens of billions of pounds.

This ceaseless flowing of money does not go unnoticed, and the under-world has developed in parallel to it, the cybercriminal.

Casual use of the internet to buy this or that is so simple, it is easy to slip into complacency about online security, but however frequently you may or may not shop online, it is important that you Continue reading “Real Finance in a Virtual Shopping World”